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FACEBOOK senior SOFTWARE ENGINEER interview, Paco Estévez

Interview with Paco Estévez Senior Software Engineer at Facebook on tips for Junior engineers, Open Source and Public Speaking

Hi makers! Last week in my blog, we announced the launch of Developers In Depth, a community of young developers to help you grow your tech career.

This Tuesday we officially launched Developers In Depth! 🎉. I am not going to lie to you, this past week was crazy fixing bugs and making sure everything was ready for the launch. 😂 Along with Developers In Depth launch, we have published a new Interview with Paco Estévez, Facebook Senior Software Engineer.

Paco Estévez (@pacoworks) has been working more than three years at Facebook, growing from a Software Engineer into Senior Software Engineer. Some projects that Paco has worked on include ReactN or FlowJS, A Static Type Checker for JavaScript. Nowadays, Paco is more focused on testing infrastructure and code coverage at scale.

Watch interview

I did two interviews with Paco:

  • 360 Interview: 15 questions, 5 minutes, 360 degrees! Where you can get a first look at Paco's profile in a more chill way. You can watch the 360 interviews here.
  • Full interview: 36 minutes of pure gold! I asked Paco many questions from How to do Open Source Projects, Tips for Public Speaking, and tips and career advice for Junior Software Engineers.

That's all! Hope you like it and see you all in DevelopersInDepth.com

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