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Jorge Ferreiro

Jorge Ferreiro

Software Engineer & Entrepreneur

Hi! I'm Jorge Ferreiro, a 23-year-old Software Engineer and Entrepreneur, with a passion for design and a desire to create software products that solve real problems and improve people's lives.

In 2018, I did a Software Development Engineer internship at Amazon in Luxembourg (their european HQ offices). In summer 2017, I studied at UC Berkeley (CS 61BL and COLWRIT 9I) and prior to that, I finished my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at UCM. In 2016 I did an scholarship in China with Huawei.

I've launched two personal projects that I'm really proud of: Dailyfocus (a productivity application for busy people) and Music4deejays (a music application to promote young artists that reached 56,000 downloads).

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Working in a newly created team of 7 engineers to automate the translation of Amazon product descriptions across the European and global marketplaces.

  • Developed, tested, documented and launched an extension to the translation system to identify root causes for product rejections, optimizing translation acceptance rate.

  • Led the collection of requirements, and facilitated the communication with an external development team, agreeing to standardized formats for interface between systems.

  • Created 3 Hackathon projects, submitted 2 patent requests to Amazon intellectual property.

  • Added new functionality to a distributed system using Amazon cloud technologies (DynamoDB, SQS, Redshift), applying software best practices to rollout features safely in critical live systems.

  • Ensured operational excellence by implementing multiple levels of testing (unit tests, integration tests and end-to-end tests) in our CD and CI pipelines.

  • Tech: Java 8, Mockito, JUnit, DynamoDB, Queuing Services (AWS SQS), AWS Redshift, Guice. Hackhathons tech: ReactJS, Node.JS, Javascript, HTML5, Greasemonkey

Check out my work! http://test.dailyfocus.io

  • Best college capstone project with the maximum grade (10/10).

  • Built in 5 months the Backend, Rest API and Frontend systems from scratch, using MVC architecture and creating an extensible modular application with plugins.

  • Integrated the Gmail API and added new functionalities on top of it, such as converting all the email into chats and quick responses.

  • Designed a polished responsive UI, incorporating feedback, taking requirements from target users and delivering an effective product roadmap.

  • Learned to work in a fast-paced and multicultural environment in Shenzhen, China.

  • Honed my communication and leadership skills, representing my team in key events.

  • Created a music player and online streaming service using the Soundcloud API.

  • Achieved 56k downloads by creating a strategy to drive the product to massive reach.


CS 61BL: Data Structures and Programming Methodology.

COLWRIT 9: Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills.

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (english group).